Heist Board

When I first started the project, I intended to use Wikia. Wikia is a website designed for people to create pages dedicated to their ‘fandoms’. However, I soon learned about Wikidot and attempted to use it. I found the website to be difficult to use and quickly switched back to Wikia. I found Wikia easy to use as I had had experience with it.

I then discovered that not only could I use this Wikia for IPT, but I could expand it to other subjects too. I had to decide which subjects were worth putting into a Wikia so I could easily access their information. I decided to create a Wikia with these subjects:

After selecting which subjects needed to be included in the Wikia, I then had to create a homepage that explained what the Wikia was about. I included the Information Processes and a list of all the other subjects on the Wikia. I then linked each of those words to their respective page on the Wikia.

Once they were all linked, I added them all to the Information Processes category. This way it would be easier to travel between the pages of the seven Information Processes.

After they were all linked, I had to type up the information. I began by typing a brief description of each Information Process. After that, I looked to the textbook to see if there was an extra information that could be added. Once I completed that, I looked for examples of hardware and software that used the Information Processes. After adding them in, I elaborated on how they were used.

Finally, after this was all done, I looked for any ways I could tidy up the Wikia. I also looked online for any images I could add to the website.